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MP3 Song Status on Yahoo Messenger

I’m quite surprise when seeing one of my friend on Yahoo Messenger had a status which is the same condition with its Winamp MP3 Song Title. How could he do that? After making a little research (I’m too shy to ask to him), finally I got the trick: Using Winamp YMS Status Changer plugin tool. […]

Minor Change on Facebook Chat

Facebook at this day is the largest social network on earth. Follow up with this fact, we believe that the Facebook users that use Facebook Chat are also the biggest among other Instant Messaging services. For anyone of you that usually use FB chat to get instant communication, we have two information that you might […]

Go Invisible in FaceBook Chat

Currently, there is no Invisible or go Invisible in FaceBook Chat. There are only two option of you to create Status Availability;  go Online (by click chat menu in your facebook chat you will automatically online) and go Offline. Keywords:can i make myself invisible on the new facebook messenger,how to be invisible in fb messenger