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Surprise Maker – Create Beautiful, Colourful Individuated Surprises

Surprise Maker is a software which allows you to Create and send thousands of beautiful, colourful individuated surprises to your friends, chat/e-mail friends, mates… You can create and send fantastic happy birthday gifts, invitations, dating through a surprise, thanksgiving, advertise and much more… You can insert your personal pictures, clip art, text, custom songs, fonts, […]

IMTiger – Turn Your MSN into Multiprotocol Client

Give a try this IMTiger! IMTiger is a powerful adds-on for MSN Messenger. It would turn your MSN Messenger into a multi-protocol client. With IMTiger, your AIM/ICQ buddy would be listed in MSN Messenger’s contact list and you can talk with them. This is a much simpler way of keeping in contact with all your […]

KankaMSN – Chat with MSN/Windows Live Messenger in Your Mobile Phone

Let’s share about this KankaMSN. KankaMSN is an instant messaging software which make you able to chat with your mobile phone. We can chat with everyone who uses MSN or windows live Messenger with KankaMSN. This KankaMSN is least GPRS data consuming software, so we can enjoy spending minimum credits even we chat for hours […]