Chat Stalker – Capture Instant Message Conversations on Computer

Chat Stalker

This Chat Stalker is a useful utility that was designed to capture all instant message conversations to and from your computer. It works by running an invisible program in the background that captures all messages entering or leaving the machine. This component is called the Chat Stalker Server.

A companion program called Chat Stalker Explorer is used to view those messages captured by Chat Stalker Server. The explorer is designed to analyse the captured messages and display them in the context of the original conversation, using the same font it was sent in. The explorer allows you to view conversations by day and keeps track of the last messages you viewed.

The calendar is used to select which days conversations to view (bold dates have captured data), while the information pane, at the bottom left of the display, shows details about the conversation, or message. The right hand panel displays a list of that days conversations. Each conversation can be collapsed or expanded to prevent crowding the screen. A tool tip window will display if the mouse is hovering over the conversation header bar or message.

Download Chat Stalker

This Chat stalker is free trial software, and support for Windows NT/2K/XP/2003. If you would like to get or use Chat stalker you can download at here.

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