Tonic – Quick Instant Messaging for Your LAN


If you are looking a quick instant messaging solution for your LAN, try this  Tonic. Tonic is free instant messenger client which intend to be use on private local area network. With Tonic, you will get all of the versatility, convenience and power of instant messaging, with none of the interference. It’s ideal for the smallest home network to the largest corporation.

This Tonic will be useful when you need a quick-to-setup IM client that is limited to a local area network. Or you need to have instant communications with the people inside your company for work, but your company blocked IM connections to and from external networks.

Tonic can use the ability to have icons that can represent your feeling, mood, or character. You can use this feature using any of the included icons or create your own, that will be automatically sent to other users on the network.

Features of Tonic

Tonic offers you features such as chat, file transfer, friend auto discovery, user availability status (Online, Offline, Away, Do Not Disturb, or Invisible),  image avatars, Choose your message appearance for extra personalization, Chat history, Advanced connections ( if some of your office mates are in another network subnet, add their broadcast address on the “ Manage Connections” menu, thus allowing Tonic to discover them), Announcement mode, Quick poll + poll results, etc.

Download Tonic

Tonic is freeware of software, and support for Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP. If you would like Tonic you can download for free at here.


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