FaceBook Status Tricks: Make Upside Down / Flip Text Status Message in FaceBook

You have two options how you can use upside down writing text in your FaceBook Status Message, one using FaceBook Application that provides backward / upsidedown / flip text features and you can also use online upside down text generator.

Using Online Upside Down Text Generator

You can googling the websites that provide online generator for upside down text / flip text. If you don’t want to googling it, just use the website below:

  • http://www.en.fliptext.net/
  • http://www.sherv.net/flip.html
  • http://www.upsidedowntext.com/

Open the upside down text online generator on your web browser (Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, chrome, opera, safari or else) then type you desired writing text that you want to your facebook status message.

online upside down text generator

Copy the result of the upside down backward generator and the paste it to your facebook status message box. Then push “Share” button. Done!

upside down text in facebook

Use Upside Down Text FaceBook Application: Flip my Status

Just add the application of facebook Flip My Status to you facebook below (copy paste the link to your web browser after you login to your facebook account). The do the rest :)


another fb upside down text application



Can be used also to make FaceBook Chat Emoticons Symbols

Remember Using flip text online generator, you can also use it (paste it) in your facebook chat windows.

Flip Text Bug Error in FaceBook Badge

facebook flip text bug error

If you use FaceBook Badge in your website / blog, there may be you got a bug error if you enlisted the status facebook on your facebook badge. Usually the flip text would turn to “box” / “squared” text and can’t be read.

I tested using Mobile Phone at m.facebook.com, the status got the same error (box squared text appears).


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