How to Find Someone Else IP Address through Yahoo Messenger?

IP Address or Internet Protocol address is like the address of yours when you are connecting to the internet. Usually IP address contain the Information of your location and else.

To find out someone IP Address using Instant Message in Yahoo Messenger, the steps should be like this:

First Make IM / PM with the target and built Peer to Peer Connection with him. Usually, Peer to Peer Connection would stand if you Send him a Picture or Webcam.S econd. Open your Commant Prompt Windows using Start :: Run :: cmd. Command Prompt Windows while you sending the file or Picture to the target type netstat -a or netstat -n


Then you should be appears the list of connection of yours. Find the port 80 or 81 that usually used to make a Peer to Peer connection in Yahoo Messenger. Remote Port 5100 for Webcam and Voice Chat usually use 5000 and 5001. Ther Right of the Port is IP Address, if the port is like what I told you above, the the IP in front of it should be the IP address of him!

Note: The picture only for example.


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