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FaceBook Chat Hidden Emoticons

Unlike in other Chat Service / Instant Messenger Service, in FaceBook Chat or FaceBook IM, we newer find the menu of the Emoticons that can be used in Chat Features. Of course we need to remember each of Shortcut key of the emoticons in FaceBook Chat. To help you remember the Emoticons available in FaceBook Chat with its shortcut key or keyboard keys, you can read it below:

Update: Thumb Up / Like FB Emoticons available by using “(Y) or (y)” shortcut keys code.

Remember some of Shortcut Key of Smiley of Facebook IM need to use shift button.

FaceBook Chat Hidden / Secret Emoticons / Smileys

:-* –> kiss

^_^ –> “kiki”

-_- –> squint

O.o –> confused

>:O –> upset

<3 –> heart

:v –> Pacman

:|] –> robot

:) –> happy

:( –> sad

:P –> tongue

:D –> grin

:O –> gasp

;) –> wink

8) –> glasses

B) –> sunglasses

:3 –> cute/cat-like

>:( –> grumpy

:/ -> unsure

:’( –> cry

3:) –> devil

O:) –> angel

:putnam: –> Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)


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  1. (^^^) is the shark

  2. for the robot, wats that second character. i get the : and the ] but idk wat the middle one is.

  3. for the robot its “\” key but with shift. next to the backspace button      :|]

  4. also putting _ before and after a sentence will make it underline and * before and after makes in it bold font

  5. and to make it bold put and underline put *_ example _* then it will show up this site is useful

  6. <(“)

    it’s a penguinn

  7. <(“) is the penguin…..:)

  8. :putnam: is a face

  9. trisha santiaguel

    this is the <3….this is the :v pacman….this is the (^^^)…this is the :putnam:

  10. ;P IS A WINK TOUNG THING AND $) IS SMILY FACE WITH MONY SIMBOLS FOR EYES :O) IS A CLOWN E) IS A HELMOT FACE :*) IS A KISS ON THE CHEEK (thes are all for facebok i programed them in to them just 10 minnets ago x) is dead face (X for the eyes) & that is all i guess so  ya have alot of funny times peeps SEYA!!!

  11. })i({ this is the symbol for a butterfly but you see it won’t show up like you think it will it will show up like I typed it but it looks like a butterfly just look really good and you will see it and this is a penguin <(“) this is a boy’s head :putnam: this is the o face you put :o and the smile :) and the sad face :( and the wink ;) and the shark (^^^) and the tounge :p and the sunglasses B) and the cute face :3 and the sad face with tear :'( and the kiss face :* and the angel 0:) and the heart <3 and the devil 3:) and the wierd face O.o and the smiley face :D and the idk face ^-^ and the another idk face >:o and the mad face >:-( and the glasses face 8-| and the idk face -_- and the idk face :|] and the confused face :/ and the clown face :o) and the helmet face :*) and the dead face x) well enjoy!

  12. <(“) penguin ^^

  13. :] is a smiley

  14. gr8 i like evry 1

  15. the dead face & the butterfly do not work!!!!!!!

  16. Is there a way to do italicized?

  17. Hello, I have noticed that people can change their friend’s statuses on facebook…. It’s a very cool thing to do…. But i was unable to figure out how it is done!! :( Could anybody please tell me How can i change my friend’s status on facebook??

  18. @mujtaba: there is no way you can chage your friend’s statuses except you hack it!

  19. just go to SHORTCUTS FOR FACEBOOK EMOTIONS..then press where it’s written FACEBOOK CHAT EMOTICONS USE SHORTCUT KEYS HIDDEN FB SYMBOLES…..then you easyly copy the things or emotions u need……
    hope that helped ..chao..<3

  20. wow its so gOod

  21. Molly likes penguins

    <(") penguin (^^^) shark thats all i know that wasnt put on here

  22. Molly likes penguins

    and you dont use 0 for angel….. you use capital O

  23. i know what is for the robot!! that one below the backspace shift+\ that it the middle of the robot

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